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Watch > Episode > Dr Aseem Malhotra - Covid Vaccines & Big Pharma: The Cover Up Is Now Worse Than The Crime

Dr Aseem Malhotra - Covid Vaccines & Big Pharma: The Cover Up Is Now Worse Than The Crime


Consultant Cardiologist & Public Health Campaigner

We are living through some troubling times, and it seems we are becoming more divided than ever before. But, perhaps the very simple explanation for all of this is the lack of open, transparent and honest conversations. As big tech and mainstream media censorship continues to play an undemocratic role within our society, we see an increasing sense of fear and what today’s guest describes as wilful blindness.

Joining me in the studio for today’s livestream, is a man who went from darling of the mainstream medical establishment to something of a pariah after he performed an about turn regarding his views on the mRNA vaccine rollout.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, is a world-renowned NHS-trained consultant cardiologist, bestselling author and passionate public health campaigner. Long considered a visionary in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease, Dr. Malhotra’s storied career has seen him garner huge respect, countless accolades and the recognition of esteemed institutions and influential figures.

In the Sunday Times Debrett’s list he was named one of the most influential people in science and medicine in the UK, alongside luminaries like Professor Stephen Hawking. Furthermore, his impact has reached distant shores as he is now considered the number one doctor worldwide influencing thinking around the growing obesity crisis.

While working full time as a consultant cardiologist, he has also served as the visiting Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health in Salvador, Brazil. Alongside this, he has been at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives and campaigns, including being a founding member of ‘Action on Sugar’, where he fearlessly shed light on the detrimental effects of excess sugar consumption.

His tireless efforts in raising awareness about the role of sugar in type 2 diabetes and obesity have been instrumental in driving change both in the United Kingdom and internationally, and he has dedicated much time to understanding the intricate relationship between diet, lifestyle, and heart health, positioning him as a leading authority in his field.

Aseem has been an influential commentator in print and broadcast media, sharing his expertise with the world. His articles have graced the pages of renowned publications such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine, JAMA Internal Medicine, and The Guardian, while also making appearances on the BBC, Sky News, ITV, and Channel 4.

As an author, Dr. Malhotra has written three groundbreaking books, including the bestselling ‘21 Day Immunity Plan’, ‘The Pioppi Diet’ and ‘A Statin Free Life’, which explored what he called the statin scam, highlighting the side effects of statins and how to potentially reverse heart disease through specific lifestyle changes.

It is this kind of patient-first, evidence-based approach, that has brought Dr. Malhotra into direct conflict with the big pharmaceutical industrial complex and led to something of an ongoing battle with the governing bodies, overarching authorities and exact organisations that he believes are making people sick through the overuse of unnecessary medications.

As Dr. Malhotra points out – prescribed medications are the third most common cause of death globally. Since 2021, however, he has found himself directly in the firing line.

After initially throwing his influence behind the hastily concocted Covid-19 vaccine, Dr. Malhotra had a change of mind after the sad death of his father who unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest having had his two doses of the mRNA product, despite no history of heart problems and being an extremely fit man for his age.

Dr. Malhotra decided to investigate further and began uncovering some shocking statistics, suppressed information and questionable data surrounding Pfizer’s clinical trial that led to the emergency use order. Initial clinical trials demonstrated four cardiac arrests in the trial group.

As data gradually seeped in from around the world suggesting increased coronary inflammation in vaccinated individuals, and with heart attacks in younger age groups becoming increasingly prevalent – Dr. Malhotra called for an end to the Covid vaccination programme, pending a full investigation of the data.

“You need to develop the hide of a rhinoceros to withstand the retribution that predictably follows any challenge to vested financial interests, particularly powerful ones.”

It all comes back to Dr. Malhotra’s unwavering commitment to his patients, the need for transparency and putting their best interests at the forefront of any treatment. Dr. Malhotra believes in, “shared decision making” and personalised medicine, with informed consent based on all the variables.

His involvement in campaigns such as “Too Much Medicine” highlights his dedication to ensuring patients receive appropriate care while avoiding unnecessary medical treatments. Dr. Malhotra now believes the mRNA vaccine fits into that category and has made it his mission to halt the increasing unchecked power of Big Pharma over regulators, academic institutions, the media, and politicians.

This is sure to be a fascinating conversation. There is so much evidence to support the claims of esteemed and experienced experts like Dr. Malhotra. But, as the censorship machine continues, and with so many significant and powerful figures involved in this enormous story, it’s hard to know what might happen next and where this will all end.

“It is my duty and responsibility as a consultant cardiologist and public health campaigner to urgently inform every doctor, patient and member of the public that the mRNA product is the likely contributory factor in all unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, arrhythmia and heart failure since 2021 until proven otherwise.”


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