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It is truly a pleasure to present to you once again six-times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. Our last episode with Dorian is the stuff of legend among London Real fans, so we knew that if we were going to do it again, it would have to be phenomenal. In this week’s interview Dorian takes us back to his days as a troubled but determined young man, struggling to find his way after losing his father at 14. During a spell in a detention centre for a minor crime, he discovered bodybuilding, and the combination of natural talent and a rapacious thirst for knowledge, meant that it was pretty evident from an early age he was destined for greatness. Bodybuilding for Dorian Yates was, and is, more than just a sport training, diet and nutrition. The attention to detail, the discipline, and the emphasis on form and muscle control mean that he also considers it an art form. For all you athletes out there, you will have more than enough new knowledge to discover in this episode about training, nutrition and the human body. Dorian has PhD knowledge in all these things. But he’s also an expert in psychology. Dorian’s extra-competitive nature drove him to mastery over his mind. To this day the thing that marks out his career is the mental attitude he brought to the sport. Back in the early eighties, bodybuilding was suffering from the glamorous Hollywood image that followed Arnie. Dorian, coming from the Midlands in England, from a working class background, changed all that. As he says in the course of our intimate discussion, he never changed his work ethic, his commitment or his attitude to his job, regardless of his successes. For Dorian, his defining quality was, and still is, authenticity. He instantly won over spectators across the world because people knew he was real, that there was no rock-star act. We also talk about life after success. Dorian gets vulnerable and reveals a real crisis point after he retired in 1997. However, bodybuilding’s workout is such a disciplined and psychologically demanding craft, that Dorian had inadvertently prepared himself for life’s spiritual challenges. The same focus and determination that built the world’s most impressive bodybuilding physique, is now being used to ‘raise his vibrations’. Dorian is a very spiritual guy, and at times talks like an old sage. He wants to make the world a better place. But his message is very simple — change your mind and you change your reality. The move from physical athlete to spiritual athlete seems like it has been a very logical one for Dorian. He applies the same level-headedness, humility and quiet confidence to every topic we cover in this episode. It’s Dorian’s consistency that makes him such an impressive guest, and probably what makes him such an appealing character to his fans. He is ruthlessly himself, regardless of the situation, and it is this authenticity that makes him such a pleasure to interview. Welcome back to LR. Who knew the impact? Tweet by Dorian – I’m going to pull no punches. Going into a different range of subjects. Doing a sport doesn’t define you. Why Dorian didn’t do much media. Making a resolution to do DMT. Dorian on DMT, Ayahuasca, Meditation – I see it as changing your vibration. One Love One Heart tattoo. We are all one and One is everyone. One consciousness with billions of different experiences at the same time. We are all from the same source. Did you always feel very connected? The spiritual aspect to training. The charity run that made Dorian realise he was an athlete. Learning that as an athlete you can go into the zone. The turmoil when retiring. Now who am I? What do I do? Dorian on his childhood – growing up in Solihull, the smallholding, a chicken farm and with a mum who loves horse riding and dad who had a heart attack when he was 13. Leaving home at 16. How did your father’s death make you feel? At 16, Dorian was either a skinhead, a punk or a mod. Sent to a detention centre at 1981 and the impact it had on Dorian. Recommended to go a powerlifting gym and getting results quickly. The early success that made Dorian realises he had a natural potential to build the physique. Dorian on the education system. It’s not education, it’s indoctrination. Write, read and basic mathematics. Most of the time is just wasted. “I never ever did any homework. ” Dedication to get a flat. Casa Vaile I needed these things before I go to the gym – getting a job, an apartment and needing stability. Reading every bodybuilding magazine between 1980 – 1995. I’ve got every workout, every rep, every weight, and diet between 1983 – 1997. Doesn’t sound much but if I did that every month for 12 months, I’ll be massive. I will always break it down to achievable goals. I will simply eliminate it and move on – on things that did not work. Science experiment, a sport and an art. Dorian’s daughter – Dad I’m growing up too quick. I just want to stay a I kid. Why is that? Bodybuilding was always about self mastery, discipline and overcoming pain and not eating during competition. Living like a monk for 2 years – I would say it’s more like the whole 12 years I was competing. Pre internet age. The strength of your career depends on the strength of your library. Meticulous rather than guesstimating. A boring guy to be around. Sleeping 9 hours a day and a nap after training. I only had one egg. Winning first British competition. Tanning product from Boots. Morecambe Novice British Championship in 1985. What are you doing in this competition. You probably the best heavy weight we’ve got in the whole country right now. Trying out at the Amatuer World Games as a Heavy Weight. Disappointed for not being prepared properly. First paid guest appearance. First time taking an airplane. Ayrton Senna missing the competition without money. Staying in Birmingham where I wasn’t accessible to do celebrity events. Distraction. The Shadow, mistique, the monster that comes out. Selling out shows. Where did the nickname come from? Peter McGough’s career. Just being me. Lifting a 200 pound dumbbell and people liked the shot. Blood and guts training video. Getting a friend to film but don’t ever talk to me. When was it filmed? Rehearsal before training. No distractions before and during training. An art form of how to put the most stress on the muscle. Bodybuilder vs weight lifter or power lifter. Benchpress as a bodybuilder Telling stories to my kids and grandkids about the weights I used to lift. I got prove now. What you thought about the Americans. Most schools and colleges will have a weight room. Seminar circuit meeting the mythical guy. Night of champions. Influence of publicity. The whole crowd started chanting. Dorian! Dorian! Dorian! Based in New York rather than California. The competition in New York. The traumatic week before the contest. Hotel Chelsea where Sid Vicious stayed. If I didn’t get a place in the top 5 in the contest, I wouldn’t compete again. The illusion in bodybuilding. Wow this guy is one of us, we can relate to that. Lee Haney has been Mr Olympia for the whole time I was training and going up and up everytime. People and myself included started thinking, I could maybe take this guy. A great workout every time. Everything is mental. The vibrations that you are giving of will give you a different experience. Suppressing the emotions. Feeling like breaking down and crying. A diet coke and a piece of ice cream to celebrate. This guy is here to stay. Nutrition and conditioning separates the men from the boys. Working out how to pose. Puffiness in the face. Always built on my shadow. Some years of training were more difficult. 1994 I tore my bicep thinking it’s all over. Oh no not again! Stress can make your body retain water. You might look like a Greek God statue but you feel like crap. My feet was in pain because the layer of fat was so lean. First Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream after the contest. Were the numbers in your head when you started to get 4 and 5 titles. This is like a job now. It was starting to get tedious. Cortisol injection to reduce inflammation was bad advice because it was catabolic. 1997 I felt weak and I was on painkiller. THe injury was a blessing in disguise. Maybe that had to happen. No guest appearance and didn’t hang around the sport. I just dropped out. The transformation that had to happen for me to be multi-dimensional. Spiritual. I could only hear silence. I never took my shirt of again, almost like I don’t want to show you this faulty broken thing. People demand now for this‚ and the knowledge that comes out of it. There is a lot more in your nutrition and training that can be done. It still fascinates me. What’s the state of bodybuilding today vs 18 years ago when you left it? Arnold Schwarzenegger What’s my main purpose. Why am I doing this interview now? We are all drops in the ocean. To change the ocean I can only change me. Binaural meditation. The real things in life are the experiences. The effect that you have on your fellow man and the world. What’s it like being married to a body builder? Meeting Gal. Going to the amazon to try ayahuasca. Always get what you want not what you need. The Fibonacci numbers, the Tree of Life. Meditation. Binaural beats. Peace and calmness to look at the situation. I will always exist. Tanning. Juicing. DY nutrition. How nutrition can affect you as you aging and quality of life. Living in Marbella, Spain. Cannabis. I personally know 4 people who took cannabis oil and their cancer cells just dissolved. Steroids are used in all sports. Decriminalised drugs in Portugal. This guy looks so extreme, it’s easy to relate it to a drug. Long term effects of drugs. Psychological effects of drugs. Very low testosterone levels due to the long term effect of steroid use. Testosterone replacement. Young girls taking steroids to look lean. Taking steroids is now like a fashionable thing. Growth hormone. Daily routines. Would you accept an OBE? Nikola Tesla developed free electricity. Henry Ford using hemp and hemp ethanol for his cars. Being recognised as a sportsmen. Sports page on the Daily Express. The British media with British athletes. Turning down deals. Vince McMahon flew Dorian in first class to recruit him. Turning down a lot of money for a very uncertain future. Phone call to the 20 year old Dorian Yates. Best advice you’ve ever received. To the 20 year old who wants to be Mr Olympia. To the 20 year old who wants to be more connected. The tattoo – One Love One Heart – what does it mean to you? Connect with Dorian YatesOfficial Website: Dorian Yates NutritionFacebook: DorianYatesDYTwitter: @Dorian_Yates1st appearance at London Real


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