Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE – London Real

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE

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Soundtrack By:
DJ Sadhu
Parra For Cuva (Guesstimate music /Project Mooncircle)
Mighty Mystics
Patrick Douglas
SkyRide Records
Ayahuasca visuals by TAS

00:00 Brian’s introduction
06:16 Brian goes in search of what it takes to be six times Mr Olympia.
08:51 Having a purpose and training beyond your comfort zone.
13:06 It’s a notorious leg day and Dorian puts Brian through it.
16:03 Steroid use in bodybuilding.
18:07 Brian learns the secret of success.
20:50 Dorian’s 10 years of total dedication to building his body
24:15 How the young Dorian started to build the dream.
32:06 The beginning of the end of the dream.
34:52 Facing life without his accustomed goal.
37:18 Excessive hedonistic partying.
41:59 Balanced attitude to fame and celebrity.
43:55 Dorian’s use of psychoactive drugs.
52:26 Becoming a new man.
58:30 Physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation.
1:02:36 Dorian is pleased to have found freedom to move on.
1:03:31 Brian keeps his promise.
1:06:31 Gaining good vibrations.
1:07:63 Dorian reflects on what life is all about.
1:10:27 “Yates has lost the plot”. Yes he has and he’s glad.
1:11:48 No easy ride with Dorian.
1:13:05 Dorian congratulates Brian’s achievements.
1:13:50 Keep an open mind and be receptive to change.
1:16:29 What Dorian has taught Brian.

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Loved it!
Dorian Yates <3


Thank you for this outstanding movie!

Wayne Wilder

Brian, really enjoyed this movie with Dorian. He definitely has a positive message to share that will effect others who watch. Really appreciate your work and LondonReal.


I’ve been a Dorian fan for years and he looks better than ever! Fantastic and inspiring documentary. A game changer for me. Thank you Brian and Dorian!

Joseph Ferguson

Thank you all! This will definitely be on repeat… absolutely phenomenal!


Beautiful movie about a incredible man`s journey to find himself,create himself physically and spiritually.Dorian is one of a kind and a true master over self discipline.


Good interview , Dorian looks in great mood.
Whats the sound track around 1:12 when you guys are biking up the mountain.?


Really enjoyed getting an insight into Dorian’s spiritual journey (as well as Brian’s). Great to see Dorian opening up and happy. Any plans to do any talks in Dublin? Cheers.


Fantastic movie, loved it


This is incredible! The word is chronically overused but DY is a LEGEND and a real person, genuine guy and an under appreciated champion who was lightyears ahead of the rest in the 80s/90s bodybuilding world and may well be so now in general life. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and that I see as a great honour. Fantastic watch, long live The Shadow.

Rajat Sharma

Thanks a lot for this movie to you Brian. Many many thanks to Dorian Yates for letting us in.


m trying to watch the movie since yesterday but is showing unable to connect…nd other videos are playing fine ..anyone knows wt to do ?

I just want to say thank you very much, to Brian, your show has really influenced my life at a point when I was starting a new important chapter and I needed it. Also thank you very much to Dorian Yates, I started watching London Real with the first Dorian episode as I was always into bodybuilding. It is very inspiring to see a person grow as much as Dorian, and I trust his messages because he acomplished his ambitions, ambitions that lock us up for life, chasing them… most people never find out what is at the end of… Read more »
Vivian Maar

Thank you, loved it. Very inspiring!


The part towards the end about 1hr 9 mins in, when Dorian was talking about his beliefs could have developed into a really interesting conversation. Unfortunately all we got back from the interviewer was a reference to Dorian’s tattoo. Maybe some conversation was edited out. Great documentary anyway.


Signed up just to watch this!! Couldn’t wait!!!


Wow… what an amazing documentary!!
Ive met Dorian quite a few times now at different shows and ive always seen him as a inspirational individual.
Its great to see he still as the same mind set…
Thanks to all you guys at london real… Keep up the hard work


Epic and inspiring. You could feel Dorian’s evolution. Thank you, guys!

Anri Maruyama

Wow, i really enjoyed this. Thanks so much guys!

Nate Traucht

Great film Brian! It’s amazing to see the transformation of Dorian, from the shadow bodybuilder I grew up seeing, to kind of the ego prick people told stories about, to now the enlightened man who is truly just starting his life. I’ve learned a lot from your interviews, and will continue to learn, grow, and hopefully become the man I ultimately want to be.
Keep putting out great content. Thanks

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