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Davinci Jeremie - Bitcoin ETF Wins SEC Approval: How to Profit In The Crypto Bull Run


Bitcoin OG & Crypto Pioneer

“Once the bull run gains more momentum, you’ll see a ton of faces return to crypto.”

As those of you who tuned into our fantastic interview with the legendary Alex Fazel earlier this week will know, I’m currently in Dubai. Yes I’ve rebuilt the entire London Real studio here in what is rapidly becoming one of the most significant locations in the world when it comes to technology and innovation.

It really blows my mind every time I come to Dubai and witness the level of progress and ingenuity, the attention to detail and welcoming attitude to all. It’s little wonder Dubai is experiencing such expansion, with so many companies relocating.

Dubai has also become a hub for blockchain businesses old and new thanks to their forward thinking approach to the world of digital assets. The city is awash with big thinkers and influential figures from the crypto and DeFi world.

Which brings me nicely onto today’s guest and a man who way back in 2013 made a YouTube video urging everyone listening to purchase just $1 dollar of Bitcoin, or forever hold their peace.

Davinci Jeremie is a former software engineer turned crypto influencer, educator, visionary and entrepreneur, who has become a senior figure in the industry particularly to those with a focus on the virtues of Bitcoin.

Davinci, like so many of his peers, has made Dubai his home, however it’s a far cry from his life over a decade ago, when his prophetic vlogs fell on deaf ears. Of course, to those who listened come the spoils of victory and, for Davinci, almost cult-like status in the Bitcoin community.

As an engineer and developer, Davinci first read Satoshi’s whitepaper in 2011, taking a deep dive into the protocol and was absolutely blown away by the ingenuity and potential of this new technology.

Having tried and failed to build something similar, Davinci was quick to recognise the value of Bitcoin and realised that above all else, this could literally change our world.

“Bitcoin is for all. It is borderless and does not side with any governments or businesses.”

Davinci was fed up with the financial system, the central banks and not least the constant money printing. He believes that the current economic framework is quite simply a massive deception and anyone who understands how money works will see that Bitcoin offers freedom, and hope for every person on the planet.

From the moment that Davinci made his first purchase of Bitcoin at a price of somewhere round the 60 cent mark, he has been imploring followers on his self-titled YouTube channel to follow suit and invest what they can, big or small, before the “inevitable shift towards Bitcoin as the dominant form of money”.

I’m really looking forward to this. Davinci is one those big players in the industry that you hear about from time to time, an almost mythical figure, who no one can deny has served his time and is living the kind of life in Dubai you’d expect from such a shrewd investment all those years ago.

More than anything Davinci is a passionate advocate for the positive impact of decentralisation and the blockchain, while being equally vocal about the perceived failures of our current financial system and wants to see an end to all fiat currency and the slavery it brings.

“You can actually change your life and build generational wealth in one crypto cycle if you play your cards right.”

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  2. How Bitcoin mimics the value of physical gold
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  4. ETF arrival – Is the spot market era for Bitcoin coming to an end?
  5. The Government’s stealthy hand – How laws shape society without direct intervention
  6. The Bitcoin enigma – Is Satoshi Nakamoto still among us?
  7. My journey to understanding financial inequality
  8. My quest to make a different through YouTube
  9. How fiat money keeps us in chains
  10. How the Dollar is holding Bitcoin back
  11. Survival of the fittest – How competition drives cryptocurrencies to adapt of die
  12. Beyond the control by a few – My belief in the promise of decentralization
  13. Embracing your potential to become the best version of yourself
  14. Dubai is the crypto oasis of the Middle East
  15. Pandemic plight – How Covid-19 dismantled our social fabric
  16. The Davinci Bitcoin Prophecy – Don’t miss out again


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