Watch > Episode > General Robert S. Spalding III - China's Six Front War With America - How To Weaponise COVID-19, 5G & AI

General Robert S. Spalding III - China's Six Front War With America - How To Weaponise COVID-19, 5G & AI


Special Assistant To The U.S. Air Force Vice Chief Of Staff

General Robert Spalding, is the Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.

Spalding has served in senior positions of strategy and diplomacy within the Defense and State Departments for more than 26 years, and is an accomplished innovator in government and a national security policy strategist.

As Senior Director for Strategy to the President, he was the chief architect of the framework for national competition in the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS). He has earned recognition for his knowledge of Chinese economic competition, cyber warfare, and political influence, as well as for his ability to forecast global trends and develop innovative solutions.

Spalding’s groundbreaking work on competition in Secure 5G has reset the global environment for the next phase of cyber security in the information age.

He was a distinguished graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, and is fluent in Chinese Mandarin.


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00:00 | Trailer
0:58 | Brian’s introduction
2:53 | Why Robert believes the Communist Party of China is responsible for the pandemic
5:27 | The Chinese government profiting off of PPE
5:40 | How China failed to contain COVID-19 and how it infected the US
7:08 | The history of the Chinese Communist Party and how they have killed millions of their own population
9:17 | How Taiwan reacted to COVID-19
12:00 | Churchill and the pushback he received initially to fight the Nazis
14:50 | Robert talks about The Tiananmen Papers
17:50 | How WeChat and Weibo are controlled and censored
20:50 | The future of Wuhan
23:16 | Robert talks about living in China during the SARS outbreak
29:35 | Data has a commodity,
33:07 | Robert talks about cyber warfare and the influence of the Russian government
47:54 | The benefits of 5G and robotics on the workforce
56:00 | Censorship on tech platforms
1:05:40 | Robert and Brian talk about information, ideological and political warfare
1:12:10 | How to decouple the United States economy from China
1:17:58 | NASA scientists teaching the Chinese Government how to build hypersonic missiles
1:18:24 | The lack of Federal investment in technological innovation and industrial policy
1:31:40 | Big Pharma and incorrect consumer information
1:32:12 | Robert’s next book
1:34:30 | Brian sums up


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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