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We can all get taken in by material wealth. But as Steve Maxwell points out, you can have everything you want on the outside, and be totally miserable on the inside.

Steve used to have a big house with 30 pairs of trousers and 30 pairs of sneakers. These days he walks around with everything he owns literally on his back!

He has found peace of mind by freeing himself from possessions and expectations. We could all learn from him.

Are you being weighed down by your stuff? Could you be happier by simplifying your life?

We think so. So this week we want you to get rid of some of the clutter in your life by throwing out one possession a day.

Sell your items, recycle, give to charity. You will have the double benefit of doing something good as well as freeing yourself.

You do not have to be as extreme as Steve Maxwell, but we are betting the more you offload the better you will feel.


Free up some space in your life by getting rid of one possession a day

Post your video in the comments below telling us what items you threw away and how you felt.

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Nathalie Bisschop

Donating clothes to charity.
Being a typical woman, it was not easy to pick them out :p

Adam Watson

What are your goals?

Nathalie Bisschop

Now the right video ;).
Thanks to the comment of Adam Watson I knew there was something wrong 🙂


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Louise Carrier

Loving the Strip Challenge