Getting Things Done Challenge



Has your “To Do” list become a long list of things you still haven’t done?

Every time you look at it you feel vaguely anxious.

Your To Do list has turned into a should do list.

Don’t worry, this is how most people feel.

All you need is a better system.

That is why it was fascinating to interview David Allen, master of time-management and author of Getting Things Done.

Watch his exclusive Success Secrets below:

David has devised a method called “Capture” that let’s you actually take action on your To Do list.

Every single time something comes up that you need to do, or you think of an idea — make a note of it straight away.

Make several folders or “Projects” and put it into one of them. So you might have one for Work, Family, Training, and so on.

That way you free up your mind for more important things. As David says:
“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”


I want you to capture every single idea, task, or reminder you have, and get it down in some form.You can use paper notes, your phone, voice memos, whatever comes to hand.

I personally recommend the todoist app.

A lot of people think they are doing this already, but they do not write down every single idea, and as a result they overload their mind with things they have to get done.

So do this every day for 7 days.

It will make you way less stressed and far more productive.

Then make a video telling us how it went.

Post your video and experiences in the comments below.

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Dominik Berger

Looking forward to this challenge! 🙂