Low Media Diet Challenge


Author Tim Ferriss and his books
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Is the media you consume serving you, or are you serving it?

This week’s challenge is inspired by podcasting giant, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, and London Real guest Tim Ferriss.

Tim recommends the low media diet.

That means anything you normally consume that is not directly actionable THAT DAY, block it out.

Ask yourself, “Do I need this information for something immediate and important?” If the answer is no, then it’s gone.

It is incredible how much impact this will have on your productivity. It will give you greater clarity, better ideas, and you will feel happier and calmer.

And guess what, if you stop following the news, the world will not collapse.

That is why Tim’s approach is to go cold turkey. Cut all mainstream media.

This means absolutely no:

-Newspapers, magazines, or news websites
-Television, except one hour pleasure viewing each night
-Web surfing at the desk, unless directly relevant to that day’s tasks

Strip everything down to what is absolutely necessary, not just “nice to have”.

Allow yourself one cheat day so you can watch a movie or any entertainment that takes longer than one hour.

That way you can make this a sustainable habit.


Get rid of just ONE thing from your media diet.

TV news, Twitter, Facebook, whichever is your biggest energy sapper, cut it out for one week.

Then tell us, what did you rid of, was it hard, how did you feel?

Post your video and experiences in the comments below.

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