Build The Best You

Welcome To The NEW Academy

London Realers get things done. We push ourselves. We achieve great things.

But sometimes we need the help and support of this strong Tribe to get us through.

So we listened.

In the past six months we received over 800 detailed surveys from London Realers asking what is their biggest challenge.

By doing so we learned exactly what people were struggling with and how we can help them succeed.

After months of brainstorming, white-boarding, hand-wringing, planning and production we are finally ready to launch our NEW Academy. Here you will:

  • Connect with a motivated like-minded peer group who aspire a lifestyle change.
  • Discover your passion and ideas through which you will create a meaningful vision.
  • Design your goals, and go all the way on them.
  • Dare to step outside your comfort zone and set a new standard for yourself.
  • Develop and follow through on your goals by creating accountability for yourself.
  • Uplift your body and mind with the best practices inspired by the greatest mentors at London Real.

Welcome To The NEW Academy

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