Watch > Episode > Brian Rose's Real Deal - 100th Teenager Killed During London Mayor's Term - Knife Crime Is At Nightmare Proportions

Brian Rose's Real Deal - 100th Teenager Killed During London Mayor's Term - Knife Crime Is At Nightmare Proportions


Brian Rose's Real Deal

Join me as I take an in-depth look at how our current Mayor of London has allowed this terrifying situation to spiral out of control.

We live in difficult times, and this year has been challenging in a way like no other. But, the very least we can ask for from our leaders is to create a safe environment whereby we can go about our business without the threat of violent crime.

Since Sadiq Khan became Mayor that threat has increased, yet, he built his campaign for leadership around a promise to ensure he would tackle the violence that has devastated many communities within the London area.

Since the start of last year, the number of knife crime offences recorded in London reached almost 15.6 thousand, an increase of around 5.8 thousand offences compared with 2015/16.

On average every day 10 people are caught carrying a knife or sharp weapon, this is 10 too many and needs to be addressed urgently. We cannot continue to live in a society where people feel scared to leave their homes, and in many communities face the daily threat of violence.

Our current Mayor’s response was to recently announce plans to defund the police by £110m, at a time when clearly we need to be reinforcing the MPS and prioritising crime prevention.

He has routinely blamed government cuts and austerity, yet, it is his own incompetence and fiscal mismanagement of the transport system, housing, and of course our criminal services that is at the heart of this matter.

We need a change of leadership, a change of direction and fresh hope at a time when each is severely lacking.

As your next Mayor of London, I promise to make London safe by:

  • Supporting the Metropolitan Police with more situation-based training protocols designed for officers to role-play a wide variety of situations so they are better equipped to deal with the ever-changing landscape of policing
  • Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for knife crime and possession, ensuring that all offenders are prosecuted to the letter of the law with no exceptions
  • Using less invasive approaches by adopting new, innovative technologies to promote a knife crime-free city
  • Pursuing new community-led crime prevention strategies to address the causes of crime (rather than simply focussing on the outcomes) by launching new programs to offer our young people positive pathways, thus addressing the burgeoning issues of gang culture and the exploitation of children through county lines
  • Digitising the Metropolitan Police by creating paperless, data-driven solutions that bring cost reductions while employing better technology and advanced AI technologies to solve crime
  • Implement an ambitious diversity representation strategy in the Metropolitan Police to build a force reflective of the communities it serves, ensuring that all races, religions, and genders are proportionately represented

Let me know your thoughts

This week I was particularly keen to hear your thoughts on:

  • Whether you fear knife crime and why? Should we as Londoners have to live in fear of knife crime?
  • Whether you think it’s right that 100 teenagers have been killed on the streets?
  • Whether you think the current Mayor should take responsibility for the massive increase in crime on his watch?
  • Whether you think the Mayor’s defunding the police strategy is the right solution and if not why?

Submit your comments and watch via our website.

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