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Brian Rose's DeFi Real - The Next 100x Coins - How To Pick the Big Crypto Winners & Recognise Blockchain Trends of The Future


The Greatest Dislocation Of Wealth In Human History

DeFi Live is our weekly Live Show where I discuss all things Decentralised Finance. From blockchain to bitcoin, dApps to Doge, join me LIVE for your dose of DeFi.

This incredible marketplace is growing at breakneck speed and will generate trillions of dollars of opportunities, giving financial freedom back to the 6 Billion people who do not have access to financial markets.

I also want to hear from YOU! Let me know in the comments:

  1. How much money have you made in the recent crypto rally? GIVE ME A NUMBER!
  2. Are you an emotional trader and does it hurt your profits? Tell me how.
  3. Are you a HODLer or a Winner? Do you really think in a volatile market that is trending upwards, you can’t make 10x more money with Trading than HODLing?
  4. Have you taken profits during this rally? Why or Why not?
  5. Would you like to learn from me the trading strategies of how to profit from DeFi & Crypto Assets during the Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History?


The DeFi Academy

My team and I are going “ALL IN” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and TRANSFORMING this exciting new marketplace.

I am looking for a small, select group of people who want to become part of and actively participate in the upcoming DeFi revolution.

I am looking for serious individuals only with real net worth who want to help build this exciting financial infrastructure of the future.

I am looking for partners, collaborators, and colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth.

Are you one of these people? If so, get on the inside track today with the DeFi space and learn the insights, tools and mindset needed to profit from The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History by applying now at

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  1. This will change the way you invest
  2. The 3 fundamental concepts of intelligent investing
  3. If you don’t put risk into your life there will be no reward
  4. Risk vs return explained
  5. How much money do I need to invest?
  6. I was built to teach people about DeFi
  7. What percentage of my net worth should be in crypto?
  8. Risk on and risk off
  9. Will all metaverse coins explode?
  10. The 5 Ts of value proposition
  11. The 10 coin rule
  12. What are the best stable coins?
  13. Inside DeFi Academy we pull the trigger


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