Watch > Episode > Brian Rose's DeFi Real - Bitcoin Is Going To $700,000? Crypto Trading Strategies In A Bull Market

Brian Rose's DeFi Real - Bitcoin Is Going To $700,000? Crypto Trading Strategies In A Bull Market


Take Control Of Your Finances With DeFi

DeFi Live is our weekly Live Show where I discuss all things Decentralised Finance. From blockchain to bitcoin, dApps to Doge, join me LIVE for your dose of DeFi.

This incredible marketplace is growing at breakneck speed and will generate trillions of dollars of opportunities, giving financial freedom back to the 6 Billion people who do not have access to financial markets.

On this episode I specifically talked about crypto’s latest big rally with Ethereum blasting through $3,200 (it was just $730 in January!), and Bitcoin over $46,000!

These prices mean it’s party time right? Time to buy that lambo?


You will regret these decisions, just like that 20th tequila shot or that tattoo you got as a teenager.

The truth is this is one of the hardest times as a trader to stay disciplined, take profits, manage your position, and act without emotion.

Watch and learn:

  1. How high Bitcoin and Ethereum will go and what to learn from the crypto rally
  2. Managing your emotions during the good times – how to make intelligent decisions and not get married in Vegas
  3. How to take gains during the crypto rally and why HODLing will make you POOR.


But I also want to hear from YOU! Let me know in the comments:

  • How much money have you made in the recent crypto rally? GIVE ME A NUMBER!
  • Are you an emotional trader and does it hurt your profits? Tell me how.
  • Are you a HODLer or a Winner? Do you really think in a volatile market that is trending upwards, you can’t make 10x more money with Trading than HODLing?
  • Have you taken profits during this rally? Why or Why not?
  • Would you like to learn from me the trading strategies of how to profit from DeFi & Crypto Assets during the Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History?


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  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. 95% of crypto day traders lose money
  3. Can Bitcoin go to $100,000
  4. Managing emotions in trading
  5. 8 Step trading checklist
  6. The crypto rally
  7. How did Dan Pena change your life
  8. How can we join the peer trading group
  9. How to join DeFi Academy as a corporation
  10. I don’t trust the banks anymore
  11. Pull the trigger on crypto
  12. Nobuco’s story
  13. The market doesn’t care
  14. Liquidity pools
  15. Trading shouldn’t be fun
  16. My mom is getting into crypto
  17. Set rules and stick to them
  18. Banks use you as a profit engine
  19. Getting into crypto at 66
  20. I’m an emotional trader
  21. Break down of DeFi Academy course


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