Book A-list Guests

Connect with Key Persons of Influence, Move Towards your Life’s Purpose & Broadcast your Ideas to the World

Module 0: Discover Your Purpose

Core Values: Who am I?
Passion: What will I talk about?
Tribe: Who will I talk to?

Module 1: Start Your Podcast

Find your first 1,000 true fans
Outsmart your Competition
Choose your first 10 guests

Module 2: Set up Your Studio

How to choose the right Space
Hardware 101: What equipment do I use?
Software 101: What programs do I use

Module 3: Book Your Guests

Basic and Advanced reach out methods
Exact word-for-word scripts and email templates
How to prepare for a successful interview

Module 4: Level 1: Hold your first conversation

How to welcome Key Persons of Influence
How to speak with confidence (voice, tone, speed)
How to choose the right topics

Module 5: Level 2: How to have an inspiring conversation

How to effortlessly articulate your ideas
How to make sure you never run out of things to say
How to make rapport and sound natural

Module 6: Level 3: London Real Broadcast Secrets

How to ask questions that cause inspiring responses
How to make your guest open up about their deepest fears, struggles and intentions
How to open, lead and close a conversation

Module 7: Publish your first conversation

Minimalist Post-production: Edit in record speed
Organise an audio test-screening to your mini-audience
Publish on Itunes

Module 8: Launch your Podcast

How to attract and build a loyal fanbase
Track your success metrics and scale your podcast
Create your fail-proof blueprint for the next 12 months

Bonus Module: Turn your Podcast into a YouTube Show

Video Techniques: what they don’t teach you in film school
Hardware and Software 101
How to set up YouTube

Bonus Module: How to transform your podcast into a profitable business

The London Real Broadcast Blueprint
Monetizing Methods: How to turn listeners into customers
How to deal with haters