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Battle Bus LIVE - London Boroughs Tour


Brian Rose for Mayor of London

We plan to bring a new level of transparency to the London mayoral race.

To do this, we’ve built the UK’s first digital, campaign battle bus, fitted with a fully functional on-board multi-camera video studio, that will livestream broadcast everything on our journey.

On Sunday January 24th at 10:49am, I was fined and banned from campaigning to be your next Mayor of London, despite the fact that we broke no laws and our digital battle bus is COVID-secure and the safest of its kind.

By fining us, the Prime Minister of Britain and current Mayor of London are undermining democracy and not allowing free and fair elections to take place on May 6th.

We are currently appealing the decision and promise to continue to campaign so we can give everyone in London an informed choice on who should become their elected leader.

In the face of interference in the democratic process, I am committed to ensuring that the citizens of London have a choice when it comes to who is your next Mayor, and that is why I am back on the road.

My Digital Battle Bus Tour and will be visiting the boroughs outlined below – click to rewatch the episodes we’ve stream so far:


I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on our tour and whether you think it’s right that political campaigns are being silenced by the overzealous interpretation of guidance.

We face dark times, and perhaps the most difficult crisis this city has ever encountered.

Every borough in London has its unique challenges and your next Mayor of London must be on the ground to understand the issues you are facing, including how:

  • Our economy is locked down
  • Knife crime is at nightmare proportions
  • We have limited affordable housing
  • Air pollution is killing our children
  • Our mental health is suffering
  • Our transport system is bankrupt
  • And our very democracy is under threat


Londoners deserve better. We deserve a leader who cares about people, takes action, and solves problems.

Together I am confident we can make London a world-class city once again.

Each day during our tour, we will be hosting livestreams, filming vlogs and inviting virtual Q&A questions. If you would like to submit a question please do so here.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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