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Battle Bus LIVE - My Life's Adventure - Brian Rose



I recently had an amazing time in the London Borough of Wandsworth, broadcasting Live From The Digital Battle Bus on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!

In this episode I talked in depth about my family history. We covered everything from my incredibly hardworking grandparents and my memories of spending time with them on their cattle ranch, to my parents, their divorce, and the importance of education that they instilled in me.

I also spoke about my beautiful wife Mariana and her daughter Gaby who changed my life, as well as my two young boys Damon and Kaden and how they were the driving force in my decision to run for Mayor of London during these difficult times.

It was my Mom who first brought me to London as a teenager. Since then I have always felt an incredible affinity with the values and spirit of this city, and it has always brought out the best in me.

Today I am a British citizen and a 20-year resident, my two children were born here, and I plan to be buried in this great city.

London has given me everything – my career, my family and my purpose, and now it’s time to give something back.

I’ve spent the last ten years inspiring audiences from around the world with must-watch content through my media platform, London Real.

That is what prompted me to run for Mayor – the truth is that I had to do it.

But, during the difficult times we have all endured, I realised there was more I could offer.

And I saw our city – which I believe is the greatest in the world – being destroyed in front of my very eyes due to a complete lack of leadership.

I could not sit idly by and watch big-party politicians run our city into the ground.

Launching my campaign has been a challenging journey, but also one full of hope and excitement for our future.

My manifesto, like my campaign, looks different, because London needs a different approach.

It addresses the key issues faced by all Londoners, and is audacious as well as ambitious in its scope.

That is because I care about our city. I care about our people. I care about our future.

It’s time for an independent voice, fresh ideas, and a new direction.

Vote for me on May 6th, and I promise to dedicate my life to making London a world-class city.

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