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Battle Bus LIVE - The Problem With LTNs and Announcing The London Real Party


The London Borough of Lewisham

I had an amazing time in the London Borough of Lewisham, as well as broadcasting Live From The Digital Battle Bus on YouTube and Instagram!

I talked a lot about the Mayor’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), and announced the London Real Party.

When the current Mayor introduced his controversial ‘London Streetspace Programme’ in May last year, right in the middle of the lockdown, he promised to “[give] the streets back to the people.”

And yet just months later, the High Court ruled that he “took advantage of the pandemic” to push through his “radical changes” to our transport network, with no contribution from residents and other stakeholders.

Here’s the reality.

Both Islington and Wandsworth Councils had to alter or reverse LTN roads due to concerns from emergency services.

Leaked emails also show London Fire Brigade having to “object” to Ealing Council’s proposals to use “immovable concrete blocks” in the road to create LTNs.

The Metropolitan Police have said LTNs “could also create crime hot spots where criminals will use these types of closures to evade police”.

So why is our Mayor pushing this agenda when our emergency services continue to highlight that they don’t work? To raise revenue to subsidise our embattled transport network.

He’s run TfL into the ground and now he’s using these stealth taxes to pay for his financial mismanagement.

Look at Islington council. In just 5 months, they generated almost half a million pounds from LTN related Penalty Charge Notices.

These schemes aren’t about promoting a better environment. They are about generating revenue.

Announcing The London Real Party

The London Real Party stands for determination, innovation, perseverance, fortitude and an indomitable spirit.

We believe in great ideas, strong policies, and long term outcomes.

We are focussed on the issues that matter to Londoners: jobs, transport, housing and crime.

We believe that people want an alternative to the mainstream political parties, and we believe that together we can lead this incredible city in a new direction.

  • A new direction that promises to bring back a great economy.
  • A new direction that delivers a strong education system.
  • A new direction that guarantees world-class health services, culture, technology, transport, and environmental practices.
  • A new direction that guarantees the human rights of the citizens of this great city.


We have the most incredible city in the world, and the London Real Party promises to work tirelessly to make London a world-class city once again.

We are confident that together, we will accomplish our mission.

Each day during our tour, we will be hosting livestreams, filming vlogs and inviting virtual Q&A questions. If you would like to submit a question please do so here, and you can watch more episodes of Battle Bus LIVE here.

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A number of clips from this Battle Bus LIVE are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word: grab these clips today!


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