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I think I have a business idea, but is it worth pursuing?

Inside the Business Accelerator we use a two part process that is designed to flush out and test your business ideas in real time and if needed “pivot” to something more profitable.
First we ensure that you personally embody the ideas and values of your business. This is crucial because the passion of the entrepreneur always shows through to the end customer. Second we make sure that you drill down as deep as possible into something we call your “micro-niche”. Too often beginning entrepreneurs focus on a broad market when they should really be focussed on creating their “1000 true fans.”
The Business Accelerator course is designed to do this quickly and efficiently with our twice per week live calls with the London Real team and your classmates with experience in a variety of industries from around the world. We work with you to flush out your idea and turn it into a successful business.
This process alone will save you hundreds of hours and the headache of spending your time and money on the wrong things.

I want to move my business forward, but what to do next?

The biggest dilemma of a solo entrepreneur is deciding what to do next. Between pitching, networking, marketing, selling, and building landing pages, websites, and social media channels, the choices are mind boggling. Not knowing where to start and where to focus your time is the often the biggest roadblock on an entrepreneur’s journey. We see so many people who spend hours at their computer starting on one task, half completing it before jumping to another, never knowing the roadmap to building a successful business. The Business Accelerator brings you a clear methodology with proven results allowing you to focus your valuable time on exactly what matters and execute on your ideas.


But is now the right time to start this?

What I can tell you from my own journey of creating London Real is that there is never a perfect time to start a business. No matter when you decide to embark on a new venture there will be challenges and pressures. But if you are serious about changing your life, living your passion and creating the business you want, then that requires action. With the Business Accelerator you have the entire London Real team working with you to ensure your success. You also have a worldwide group of classmates collaborating alongside you to help you realise your dreams.


Lock-in 25% Off & Access to Our Bonus Webinar

“I would have gladly paid at least 2-3x the amount I paid to be in this program, that’s how much value I got. The knowledge I got out of this program delivered a record month in sales to me, my business has taken off and I’m networking with high level individuals. For anybody who’s considering this, invest in yourself. Get in there, get at it. Put yourself out there and see what you can do when you have the knowledge to succeed.”
Chris A – Entrepreneur & Founder of Warrior Soul

“Things may come to those who wait,
but only the things left by those who hustle.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

If you have started your business, but you want to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL...


High Stakes Pitching

Much of high level business is knowing how to pitch your product or service to partners, customers, and investors. Every week in the Business Accelerator you have the opportunity to pitch your business ideas and get real feedback, to understand how your product is perceived by the market and by your peers. You will also learn the strategies that the London Real Team has learned from its expert guests on business strategy people like Oren Klaff (Pitching Coach hired by Google, UCLA, and New York Times) to business strategist David Allen (Business Consultant Charging over $20,000 per training session).

Developing Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships can catapult your business forward and get you in-front of large audiences that could take you years to build up to. Understanding the strategies for developing, hooking, and pitching high value businesses and individuals is key. Understanding these skills are a unique and valuable asset you can take to any venture. Learn the strategies and techniques Brian used to get guests like Dan Pena (The 50 Billion Dollar Man) to spend his time and educate our audience. How to communicate in a value giving paradigm, to peak influencers interest, and create win-win valuable business agreements.


Broadcasting Yourself

Understanding the platforms that will enable you to broadcast your message and business are strategies learned from years of being in the trenches. Broadcasting your business through content and knowing the write content to produce is a crucial part of accelerating your business. In our modules we will cover strategies for broadcasting yourself but also provide missions for you to do it and get real time feedback from fellow classmates, Brian, and the rest of the team.

When entering the course all I had was a vague cluster of business ideas but after the first few weeks I was able to understand exactly where I wanted to take my business, I had a clear map, which created a huge amount of confidence and belief in my business and what I could create. A big thank you to my fellow classmates and the London Real Team for helping me believe in my vision and supporting me through the course!

Dr. Carla S

We Have Specifically Designed an
8 Module Master Course to Give You a
Proven Plan for Accelerating Your Business



Your 1 Minute Pitch Mastery

Learn the Secrets to Owning the Frame

The Power of Your Own Story Arc

Do you know how to pitch yourself? Have you practiced and actually gone through the 6 steps to an effective pitch? This is the foundation of any business and any person of influence knowing how to communicate and sell yourself and your ideas are valuable skills no matter what business you’re in. Dive into the knowledge that Brian has learned from spending hours with some of the world’s leading pitch experts (who charge upwards of $30,000 a day) and learn the secrets to crafting your own story.

“My first pitch took me ages – and it should, working it and re-working it, trying to compress the essence of what I needed to say, then thinking how it would be on camera. Going through your own hero’s journey is much more difficult in that you have to dig deep and talk about businesses failings and life failings but once I was open and really connected with my why and my story it was downhill from there. The hero’s journey and knowing how to pitch yourself is incredibly powerful, the practice of going through this and the support from the team was transformational.”

Steve T – Law Lecturer



Rapid Market Research

The Power of Your Micro-Niche

Potent User Feedback Surveys

Refining and defining your micro-niche is one of the most powerful practices for both experienced and inexperienced businesses. In this Master Module, Brian will walk you through how to perform in-depth market research on competitors and customers, learn to find opportunities for differentiating your business and exploiting areas of the market that are untapped. Unleash the power of user feedback surveys and understand how to get people to actually tell you what they really want (it’s not always what they think).

“I loved the support from the Business Accelerator. I didn’t have any experience of running a business online so to know all these steps about putting out a website, building a social media presence, networking and approaching people online, was invaluable. I’m producing content that’s valuable for other people – thanks to the Business Accelerator for guiding me in this process.”
Jacob Lidström – Yoga with Jacob



Step-by-Step Product Creation & Optimization

Learn the Product Success Path

In-depth Analysis of Product Ecosystems

Product typing and positioning is key to capturing sales and expanding your business. In this Master Course, we will teach you about Product Ecosystems, what they are, how to create them, and the importance of having them. We will then walk you through creating, or if you have them, optimizing your own Product Ecosystems. We will help you define your product success path and clear next steps to turn your product into a lead capturing and revenue generating part of your business.

I had people on the course who have become really great friends of mine, they have helped give me so many ideas great ideas and invaluable feedback on my business. We still keep in contact and have calls together, it really is an amazing community!

Claire L



Learn the Strategies to Create a Powerful Website

The Secrets of Craft Compelling Site Copy

Advanced Strategies for Capturing Website Visitor Data

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and online that is your website. In this Master Course, we will teach you the high level strategies and concepts for building a website that creates credibility, captures visitor information, and sells audiences on your business. Whether you’re just starting out or you have had a website for years the concepts in this module will help you create website copy that has conviction, that compels your audience to take action, and that generates valuable sales & leads. We will also dive into more technical strategies for capturing website visitor data, and how to hook visitors and bring them into your lead funnel.

The Accelerator Team was always accessible to repeatedly walk me through the technical troubleshooting of setting up my own personal website and high performing landing pages. The feedback that they provided me was extremely valuable and helped me make enormous progress in moving my business forward! Thank you so much Brian & the rest of the team!

Lisa M



The Secretive “Dark Arts” for Quickly Scaling Social Media Authority

Strategies for Automating Your Social Media for Maximum Efficiency

Content Insights for Each Social Channel

The right content for the right context is King, in this module you will learn the appropriate content for each social network. What social networks you should be playing in and how to quickly become an authority in each and most importantly how to make social media a lead generating machine for your business. Next we will get into the “Dark Arts”, the insider secrets, for quickly becoming an authority and methods to scale your efforts, and create large communities quickly! Be ready this section is powerful and one that you can start implementing today.

“I started my own YouTube channel, created 10 video blogs in 10 days, became comfortable shooting videos, and understood how to promote myself socially so people actually wanted to listen. All of this was accomplished in 10 weeks! But this was not the most important thing I learned, the most important thing I learned was the attitude, the attitude to go and get it – to take action now! This mindset shift has transferred to all areas of my life.”
Václav F



The Anatomy of Compelling Blog Posts

Learn the Amazing Power of Autoresponders

Secrets to Blogging like a Key Person of Influence

A content marketing Master Course from a business that is producing amazing content and media, these are strategies you can’t learn from a textbook this is from the cutting edge, from the front line. In this Master Course, Brian will give you insights into the lessons from his own experience building his business through content. Advanced strategies for how to make this content work for you, by being part of an Autoresponder sequence, as well as how to use content as a lead generation source that can continually grow your business.

Being an experienced entrepreneur I knew how to build and grow businesses but with Brian’s experience in building them digitally this course peaked my interest. The marketing tactics taught throughout the course are at the forefront of the industry, and the Accelerator is unique in that it combines the information needed to really market yourself and your business today. From automating e-mail responses, to sharing content, and getting in contact with influencers this course provides both depth & breadth of information. The information taught in this course is second to none for both inexperienced or experienced business people.
Mayank M – Software Entrepreneur



Behind the Current Access to Our Powerful Sales Blueprint

Understand the Inner-Game Concepts of Selling

The Key to Revealing Your Product/Service in a Sale

No matter what business you find yourself in the reality of knowing the concepts of how to sell yourself is key to giving yourself and your business the best chance for success. In this Master Course, you will learn the selling strategies that Brian used to become a successful Trader, the same strategies that have helped him negotiate partnerships, and finally convince influencers to come on his show. Understand the importance of getting the inner-game of selling right, how to get your customer to expose their primary motivations, and finally how to present your product/service appropriately in sales conversation (it’s not what you think).

The program has given me a path to learning, I have been able to build a community that really supports my products which allowed me to push through the discomfort of having to sell my products. I now feel comfortable selling myself and my products with the knowledge I’m providing solutions that will change others lives. The product ecosystem and understanding how to sell different products has completely changed how I see business. Thank you, Brian & the Team for everything you have done!
Hannahsita S



Secrets for Expanding Your Network Rapidly

Powerful Outreach Strategies for Connecting with Influencers

Insights into Building Your Network Map

Networking, we all hear the importance of it but few of us know how to do it correctly. In this Master Course, learn the networking techniques that can drive you to build a powerful network, engage with influencers, and to create massive value both personally and professionally by creating in-depth network connections. Understand how collaboration with influencers in your niche is the quickest way to 10x your results (there is an art form to collaboration), learn the strategies Brian used to work with Business like Bulletproof & Dan Pena and how to get into contact with influencers early.

“I was most impressed with the quality of people that Brian chose for the course, people who are open; open to learning, open to be vulnerable and who want to share ideas and insights with each other. It is a close group of people wanting to help each other succeed, which was very powerful to be a part of.”
Sonam B – Fitness Coach



In-depth Look at Business Funnels

The Key Metrics You Need to Be Tracking for Scaling Your Business

A/B Testing Strategies for Optimizing Your Efforts

To grow your business you need to understand your funnel, how your leads are being generated, and what signals you need to be reviewing at all points of customer impact. In this Master Module, Brian goes over the funnel concept and strategies for how London Real uses this to scale their business, as well as insights into the metrics that really matter for making informed decisions. He ends the Module with going into detail about A/B testing and how this can revolutionize the business decisions that you’re making. See what it’s like to get a view under the hood on how a company like London Real optimizes their business.

“What a whirlwind 10 weeks! I could have spent 2-5 years trying to learn this on my own the hard way and you can never pick up any of these tips and tricks through a book or a business course run by a university. The business modules, the workshop calls, and the feedback I got from the fellow students was invaluable. It has been a fantastic course.”
Melissa Yap

Plus so much more...

8 Weeks of Private Instruction From Brian Rose and The Team

16 Hours of Live Video Calls

Private Facebook Group and Mastermind Peer Review

1 Year Membership to The Business Accelerator Alumni Group

Lifetime Access to Our 8 Video Tutorial Modules

Access to a Community of Driven People Helping Each Other Reach Success

Hear From Our Students

Why the Business Accelerator

Brian Rose, Founder and Host of London Real.

London Real is a community of people that are living a life they are passionate about. We design our lifestyles by creating work that we are excited to do and pursue on our own terms. This is the same reason I left my job in banking to become a broadcaster and build London Real. When I left my former career I embarked on a five year journey trying to figure out how to live a life of passion, grow a following and do work every day that I deeply care about.

But what I realised is that passion is not always enough, it needs to be supported by strong business practices and a powerful group of mentors. Over the last five years growing London Real I have used the practices from my top guests to move from just conducting interviews to building a global media business complete with a paid member Academy, digital accelerator courses, and business consultancy service.

For many years I wanted the London Real community to have this same experience–to have access to the mentorship I have received, to have a clear plan on how to scale a business, and the personal freedom of designing their own lifestyle.

Out of this desire the London Real Business Accelerator was born. Since then we have received over 500 applications and produced 40 graduates who took their dream from just an idea and turned it into a real business. My hope, and my challenge to you, is that you make this the day that you take action and use this course as an accelerator for living the life you truly want.

I want you to develop renewed confidence, passion and excitement about life in a way you haven’t felt for years. I want you to see yourself controlling your own destiny and empowered in a way you never felt before. It’s liberating, invigorating, and life-changing.

I hope you join us on this incredible journey.

To your future!

Apply Today to Save $500

Digital Accelerator

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Business Accelerator

$3,497Save $500 (was $3,997)
  • 8 Hours of On-Demand Video Training
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  • Access to Private Business Accelerator Facebook Group
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Business Accelerator Premium

$5,497Save $500 (was $5,997)
  • 8 Hours of On-Demand Video Training
  • 2 Weekly Calls with Brian & London Real Team
  • Access to Private Business Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access to Training Modules + Workbooks
  • 1-on-1 Video Kick Off Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address for Course Advice
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studios with Brian

Three-Part Guarantee


Our student’s success is a reflection of the quality of our product, our focus is to make each students business a success, to go from an idea to a fully functioning business. We have developed a proven system of high-quality instruction; master courses & weekly calls, plus mentors specializing in automation & digital marketing. With a community for support and accountability; weekly missions & group accountability to ensure you take action and most importantly the right action on the right steps.


Our hope is to accelerate your business, at the very least a year’s worth of progress in 8 weeks, but for many of our student’s they feel this program has moved them 2-5 years forward. By having students complete weekly missions, receive high-level instruction, and work with peers to help push them to be their best this program is not only a Business Accelerator but as many of our students have commented: “it’s a me accelerator”! If you are serious about accelerating your business and creating the life you have imagined then you owe it to yourself to take action.


When you live your life through your passion you bring the best of you to your friends, family, and community. One of the most powerful elements of the Business Accelerator is that people are finally taking action on the life that they have dreamed and wanted, acting through their purpose, and experiencing overwhelming sense of freedom and pride because of it. Many students have realized that this attitude of taking action on the things they want trickles down into many areas of their life, creating a different way of approaching their day-to-day live and leaving a lasting impact

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'Social Media Masterclass' webinar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone want to buy from my business?

When I founded London Real 5 years ago I started with 1 YouTube subscriber, 1 Facebook like and 1 Twitter follower. I didn’t know what I was doing, my family and friends didn’t care and I was honestly embarrassed about what my fellow colleagues bankers would think of me.

I didn’t have any experience as a broadcaster, businessman or marketer.
Fast forward today I’ve had 300+ guests on the show including Dorian Yates, Ido Portal, Tim Ferriss etc. Over 50 million people have listened to London Real. I’ve created a business I’m passionate about and living on my own terms.

Through that experience I believe anybody can get what they want if they commit.

Starting a business isn’t easy, (It wasn’t easy for me) and the first step is almost always the hardest one.

But once you truly decide to go all in, everything else becomes easier, and I will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Can I afford the Business Accelerator?

When you take on our Business Accelerator, you decide to invest in value. A course that will literally take your life to the next level. You will come in contact with entrepreneurs who will be as driven as you to make a change and take control of their life. For 8 weeks you will be able to send me and our qualified business coaches an unlimited amount of e-mails to which we reply within 24 hours. You will learn the leading tools and insights that catapulted London Real from nonexistence into a global force.

Furthermore, the value of our accelerator is unmatched when it comes to the alternatives in the market:

You could get a 50K MBA at an expensive business school, and still have no clue whether your business idea will actually work, whether you need to use Snapchat or LinkedIn to find your customers or how to actually sell your product in real-time.
You could do it on your own, but why leave your success up to chance? Why not give yourself a clear advantage by learning the right tools and surrounding yourself with seasoned experts and like-minded starters?

Our accelerator is one the most hands-on, practical courses on how to start a business that you will find in the market today. It is an investment in your future that will pay exponential dividends years down the road. We condense in 2 months what would normally take you 2 years.

We have a 100% money-back guarantee if you complete all of the coursework and assignments over the eight week period. After that, if for any reason you are not totally satisfied, then I will give you a full refund. Otherwise your payment is non-refundable.

I’m busy. How many hours will I need to invest?

We estimate you’ll need about 5 hours a week to get results. Although just like anything else, it’s simple: the more time you invest, the more results you will see.

How many hours a week would you set aside to build a lifestyle that’s completely on your own terms? A life where you can wake up every day inspired by a purpose while still growing financially?

Our Business Accelerator will give you a roadmap on how to turn your passion into a business. You don’t need a full MBA to understand how to make this happen. You need to know the difference between a good and a bad business idea and the necessary action steps to turn that idea into a real business. We will teach you all the phases and track your progress through our personalized attention and live calls in order to guarantee your business will succeed.

What if I fall behind?

You will get life-time access to all of our content, so if you need to pause or slow down, you can continue afterwards at your own pace.

I don’t have a business idea!

You don’t need one to start our course.

During our first modules we will dig deeper into who you really are, what idea will fit you and what market to pursue. We’ve included multiple exercises, worksheets and resources to help you find the right business idea.

Instead of having to venture out to the internet and read dozens of articles with misleading techniques that contradict each other on how to find an idea, we have actually done the hard work for you beforehand by designing easy practical tools that will get you started and accelerate your process.

Leave it to us.

How do I know if I’m ready?

It’s natural to have doubts, we all do, but if the thought has crossed your mind to start a business, you are probably on to something.

Remember that we all have invisible scripts we operate on. Growing up most of our parents never explained or encouraged entrepreneurship as an alternative to finding a job because it was deemed “risky” and there wasn’t any internet around. Today the possibilities to build a life on your own terms have never been so easy with all the tools and resources that are available.

It’s more about taking the mental leap than actually being ready, because there will never be a time where you are completely ready.

Not taking the opportunity to build something for yourself today will be the bigger risk than not doing anything at all. If you are reading this that means you have some kind of interest in starting a business. Imagine looking back 10 years down the line and not taking this chance, how will you feel about that? That is the real risk.

How much help will I receive?

In our 8 weeks of working together we will jump on a hourly call twice a week with all the students where we will track your progress and do a Q&A.

I personally read your weekly reports during the complete course.

You will get a customised e-mail that you can use to send me unlimited questions to which I will respond within 24 hours.

What if I live in another country?

We have successful graduates from all over the world. Your country doesn’t determine your success with our course.

How is this different from any other course out there?

Unlike most online business courses, you won’t be just passively watching a video course. You will actively be doing exercises, connecting and contributing to your new peer group, and receive personalized attention from me and our other skilled business coaches during our bi-weekly live video calls.

Furthermore, we are on the cutting-edge when it comes to YouTube, broadcasting and social media. This means we will be able to teach you eye-opening techniques that other courses simply can’t offer. Once graduated, our insights will give you an unquestionable advantage in whatever niche you decide to start a business in.

Again, our course is completely risk-free. If you have done the first modules and don’t feel ready to continue, we will give you a complete refund.


Lock-in 25% Off & Access to Our Bonus Webinar